The Gamlingay Community Turbine

Energy for Gamlingay . . . and beyond

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A group of Gamlingay residents bitcoin investment has installed a single 33m diameter wind turbine just outside the village. This is a local project, by the community and for the community, that is significantly offsetting the village’s carbon footprint. Part of the profit from the turbine’s operation will be used to provide a regular income to the village – to be spent on local charities and community projects, hence the title ‘Community Turbine’. The project how to invest in bitcoin was funded entirely by local residents and businesses.

We are very grateful to all the villagers who have supported us with their time and skills and, just as importantly, for all the moral support we have received.
Gamlingay Community Turbine Ltd has pledged to give 10% of its net income to a community fund. The fund has already made several grants to benefit the community and we are anxious to receive more applications.

Applications for funding from the bitcoin investment platform GCT tithe fund can be made by any individual or organisation within the Parish of Gamlingay. However, applications should benefit more than a single person or family; and GCT would prefer applications that would result in an environmental benefit as well as forming a social amenity.

More information is available in the Tithe Advance Notice.

Funding Application form

This website provides information and news about the turbine and is frequently updated. We would be grateful for enquiries from anyone with ideas on how the income for the village should be spent.

Registered Address: Gamlingay Community Turbine Ltd, 70 Church Street, Gamlingay, Sandy SG19 3JJ